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A website acts as a communication bridge between an establishment and its clients. And the factor that draws any client to any particular website is its web designing.

Our organization offers services in the web designing division with the help of expert web designers who supports in creating customized designs for a big-league or any small-time corporation. We believe in the concept of customer-centric mechanism i.e. developing website according to a client's requirements and expectations. Build an artistic and cohesive website with the help of our proficient web designers and web design services.

PHP is an open source server side scripting language which helps in developing dynamic as well as customized webpages and also helps in enhancing and accelerating web development.

e App Maker is a distinguished PHP website development company that gives ideal solutions with the assistance in creating applications and websites by using advanced technologies like MySQL, Zend Framework, and CakePHP.

Wordpress is an online open source and a free CMS (Content Management System) which is based on PHP and MySQL. Generally, it is used for creating blogging websites but with the use of its thousands of plugins, widgets and themes, you can develop a fully featured website and manage it by just using your web browser.

e App Maker provides services like Wordpress development and customization and also helps in developing responsive and personalized Wordpress templates.

AngularJS is an open source; a free structural framework for developing dynamic webpages which let you use HTML as your template language. It allows you to develop HTML's syntax in order to express your application's modules distinctly and concisely. AngularJS's provides features like data binding and dependency injection which excludes most of the code you have to write currently.
The expert developers of our organization make the optimum use of the AngularJS's features (data binding and dependency injection) and deliver high-performance web applications which are easy to maintain. Furthermore, AngularJS provides reusability of components, cross-browser compliance, directives, etc.

MEAN is an open source and a free JavaScript software which is used for creating dynamic web applications and websites.

The Mean is a collection of JavaScript based technologies (Angular.js, Node.js, MongoDB, and Express.js) and can be written in one language for both sides i.e. server side as well as client side.
MEAN stack has more advanced features than any other stack which was being used in the former years. Our company lays emphasis on the MEAN stack development segment and has a track record of building websites using MEAN stack for their respective clients.

Web development is an elaborative task for which many factors have to be taken into consideration (from performance to user friendliness). As a website is a gateway for the customers to access your products and information, you don't want any inadequacy on the developing part.

E App maker offers accessible and interactive e-commerce design solutions for your business which allows you to promote your products online. Our expert designers provide stunning design solutions for your e-commerce site with custom-built themes and layouts.

A website wire frame (screen blueprint or page schematic) is an illustrative manual that depicts the skeletal framework of a website. Wireframes basically represent the hierarchy or layout of a web page or content's arrangement or the flow of the system and the manner in which they function together. A wireframe conjoins the elementary abstract structure to the visual design of the website. All in all, it does not focus on what a screen looks like but what it actually does.

e App Maker provides wireframe functionality for your respective website where our experienced developers and designers provide an uncomplicated and accessible interface, information and navigation designs.

iOS is a mobile operating system developed by Apple Inc. and is one of the most popular application development platforms in the market today. Comparing its features with its top competitor i.e. Android, it clearly leads the race. Applications in iOS platform are basically written in C,C++, Objective-C and Swift.

e App Maker believes in customer oriented approach and provides numerous iOS development solutions for your website which are bug-free, advanced and accurate. We provide customized high-quality applications even for the most recent devices (iPhone 6 and 6 Plus) introduced by Apple.

Android offers an authentic application framework that lets you build innovative apps and games for mobile devices in a Java background. With the persistent development in the Smartphone industry, Android turned out to be a major platform for developing accessible mobile applications for mobile devices.

According to client's requirements and specifications, e App Maker provides services in the development of Android applications and games. Our skilled developers help in developing custom-built applications which are user-friendly and effective for every Android device.

Apple Watch has revolutionized the smart-watch market remarkably and has established new boundaries for leading-edge technologies. It has definitely modified the means of communication and other aspects of life in general. It is similar to other wearable devices like Samsung gear, Android wear, Siri, fitness software, force sensitive screens, etc.
e App Maker helps in building user-friendly, innovative and interactive apps for its customers and provides the best apple-watch application development solutions.

Swift is a recent object-oriented, multi-prototype platform developed by Apple for OS X, iOS, Watch OS, TV OS and Linux in the year 2014. It is packed with dynamic characteristics designed to operate with Cocoa Touch frameworks and Apple's Cocoa. Its features consists scalable programming, extensive late binding, effective dispatch, etc.

e App Maker provides innovative solutions for iOS Swift app development for its clients among different industry divisions. Our developers mediate the client's specifications right from including Swift code to existing applications effectively.

iBeacon is an advanced technology protocol created by Apple which uses Bluetooth connection to send or receive data directly to tablet or smartphone devices. In order to meet your specifications, the messages are customized. It is better than GPS or Wi-Fi as it is useful in transmitting accurate micro-location data.

e App Maker provides all type of development platform for ibeacon applications for android and iPhone devices. Our expert iBeacon app developers cater excellent development solutions for your business keeping in mind your requirements.

In this emerging world of technology, the businesses are turning social. And these businesses generate revenue in terms of new marketing tools and techniques. Social networking APIs helps to connect commands, tools and functions for rendering the information from one social network to the other in order for reducing the time and cost. It is also helpful for boosting your business to reach in a wider platform. Any information that is shared on social networking sites gets more and in return you get high response from the users while spreading the word.

As a registered partner, e App Maker tackles the power of AWS Cloud Computing for creating the unique offer that combines flexibility, scalability, and power of Amazon’s robust cloud platform. You can get experience in high-end Amazon Cloud services from real-time server monitoring, storage and Disaster Recovery, AWS Application deployment services, AWS Mobile Services, AWS Business apps solutions to Backup. We offer highly secure, scalable and enhanced cloud computing services simplifying the processes and also increases the efficiency of your business. Get the best of AWS advantage that helps to deliver your business.

Today's business requires high-quality, high-performing mobile apps for business that connects the employees to corporate assets. The application must have facilitation of flexibility, productivity and collaboration. Mobility may also have technical risks like platforms, software versions and different device types, these requires to test. e App Maker offers call for manual or automated mobile app testing. We assure you can test quickly across all the devices you care about. We do support mobile cloud for your testing your native, hybrid and mobile web apps all at the same time and release your software quickly.

e App Maker offers efficient support and maintenance after the development. Once we deploy your app, we handover the controlling stick to you. Across, our span of mobile app support and maintenance services, our aim is to simple and cost - effective. We have performed a large scale maintenance and support for large number of application. Our support and maintenance services include:
Data migration
Support concurrency for the large user base
To optimize the server performance for low latency
Changes occurred with the regular concerns
Minor, incremental and major enhancements like UI overhaul

There are millions of applications in the market today and to launch your app in the middle of the ongoing app battle is a critical task. Mobile marketing is basically a marketing strategy carried out via mobile devices in order to reach the targeted audience.

Our team of android developers will help you publicize your application among the users by using shrewd approach to encourage end user's involvement. Our marketers bearing in mind your competitors will strive to improve the performance of your application, its ratings, number of frequent users, downloads, etc.

Today, there are lots of business competitors in market and so internet marketing is impact system for standing in marketplace. e App Maker, a leading internet marketing company, offers all type of internet marketing solutions like, Search Engine Optimization (Google, Bing), Pay per Click, Email Marketing, Affiliate Marketing, Social media marketing etc. Our dedicated team of internet marketing has years of experience and expertise that will increase your brand value.

At e App Maker, we follow the perfect strategy to get website ranking in Google search engine also your website can get more organic traffic and helps you earn Return on Investment (ROI).

Mobile app translation is the best way to choose which languages you want translate your own application for targeted audience. It is very helpful for boosting your business to reach a wider platform. E App Maker provides mobile app Translation service for all types of app development platform like iOS, android, Windows, etc. Mobile app Translation is not depending on which type of application you develop or which platform are you using to develop apps. You just want to share your source code and we will completely translate your application in a language which one you selected.

e App Maker is leading website application development company that has instigated in bringing the ideas into the space with high quality